What is DimeFrame?  is an online gallery space that puts you, the artist, in control of your own destiny.

Here’s how it works:

1)  You fill your DimeFrame gallery with some of your best, most beautiful and compelling work.  Four grid spaces are “free images” that everyone can view.  The other 20 grid spaces are Hidden.


2)  A viewer decides they want to see one of your Hidden images, so they click on it in the grid.


3)  The viewer drags and drops one of their DimeFrame Chips — (which they previously purchased for 10 cents each) — into the display area.


4)  In exchange for one DimeFrame Chip, the image is instantly revealed to the viewer, and 60% of the transaction goes directly into the artist’s account.


It’s just that easy.

Once Hidden content is opened by a viewer, that viewer can return and view it anytime they wish, until the artist removes the content from their page.

And membership is always free.

The bottom line is:  If you have quality creative material and the initiative to get viewers to want to see it, there is almost no limit to how well you can do with DimeFrame.  Your financial destiny is in your hands.  Take your creative career to whatever heights you can envision.

Who is DimeFrame for?

Are you a photographer, visual artist, animator, video maker, comedian, musician, dancer, poet, educator, or a writer of children’s books, comics, or graphic novels?

Have you been giving your best material away for years, posting everything on social media simply to collect more followers, friends, and likes… just hoping for that one piece to “go viral?”

Have you been grinding away at stock photography for months, maybe years, in the hopes of getting that one big seller, only to receive pennies on the dollar even when it hits?

Do you have some of your best work just sitting in a drawer (or on your desktop), just waiting for that perfect opportunity that never seems to come?

Then we created DimeFrame for you.

Your work has value.

Here at DimeFrame, we believe that your work has value, and that your fans will seize the opportunity to demonstrate their support for you in exchange for exclusive access to some of your best work.

>  For viewers and artists alike, becoming a member is always free, and it only takes about 3 minutes.

>  All you need is an email address and a PayPal account.

>  The most you the artist are ever asking from a viewer is 10 cents, and  in exchange for that you are offering them instant gratification.

>  Engage your audience. Let them know your work is on DimeFrame. Tweet it, facebook it, IG it, snapchat it, send out email blasts… get people interested in your posts any way you can.

>  And then watch the views, nods, fans and DimeFrame Chips roll in!

>  You make 60% of every transaction that occurs on your page, from the first to the 100,000th and beyond.

>  Once most of your fans and followers have seen your existing work, post something new.  Keep your page interesting and dynamic.

>  Lather, rinse, and repeat!

Your account and visitor statistics for your DimeFrame gallery can be seen in your “Manage My Account” page.  Once you have accumulated $10 or more in your hold, you will receive that money directly into your PayPal account on the last day of the next calendar month.

Other great features:

>  You retain complete copyright of your work.

>  There are no advertisements on the page.

>  There are no “comments” sections for users to troll.

>  You  never have to ask for a “commitment” from any of your fans.

>  DimeFrame creates a pure relationship between you and your audience.

This is your chance to give all of the fans and followers that you have been accumulating for years, both on social media and in the physical world, the opportunity to show their support for you… all for as little as a dime.

We wish you the best!


The DimeFrame Team