A Simple Five-Step Guide to Making Creativity Your Career

PICforBLOGMarch2017(1)f-JPGFinally, a Way to Make Real Money with Photography

Are you a photographer who’s been pouring endless time and energy into stock photography, submitting dozens (if not hundreds) of photos, month after month, bending over backward to standardize your pictures to fit their technical guidelines and to conform to their idea of “what sells,” all in the hopes of making pennies on the dollar even if one “hits?”

Meanwhile, have you been consistently putting aside your best and most creative work — images that you know are amazing, beautiful and compelling — because perhaps they have a “blurry” area, or they aren’t brightly lit with an endless depth-of-field, or they just aren’t what the stock companies think will appeal to a mass audience?

It’s time to change things up. It’s time to take your most amazing work off the shelf and present it to the world.

Give yourself permission to break out your best images — the images you know people will FLIP over when they see them — and post those pictures on your own personal DimeFrame.com gallery page. Bring your best work directly to your viewing public, and watch your career take off.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Set up your own personalized DimeFrame gallery on DimeFrame.com. It is 100% free to join and use, and it takes about 3 minutes to sign up.

2) Post a couple of “free” images on your page. These will be viewable and browsable by anyone visiting the site, and they are your way to give your audience a taste of what you do.

3) Post “Hidden” images. It costs nothing for you to post Hidden images, and these images remain hidden until someone “drops a DimeFrame Chip” on them to have a look. (A DimeFrame Chip costs your viewer only 10 cents.) Every time someone drops a DimeFrame Chip on your page, you get paid. Once a viewer has opened an image, they can come back and view it any time they wish, until you take it down.

4) Make sure your Hidden content is something your viewers will love! When a viewer opens one of your Hidden images and discovers something amazing, beautiful, exclusive, and transformative, they will be motivated to open your next “Hidden” image. You, the artist, make 60% royalty on every single DimeFrame Chip dropped on your page. No more making pennies on the dollar from a stock photography company. This is REAL money.

5) This last step is crucial: Tell everyone! Send out email blasts. Post a link in your Twitter feed, on your Facebook page, invite your Instagram followers, announce it in a newsletter… get the word out anywhere and everywhere you have a following that DimeFrame is the simplest and best way for your viewers to see some of your most creative work, while helping to provide you with meaningful support.

And all this for just a dime.

Carpe diem!



DimeFrame.com is a powerful monetizing online gallery space that gives artists the ability to make creativity their career. It is completely free to open a DimeFrame page. All you need is an email address and a PayPal account (so you can get paid.) It is always free to post images in your gallery. There is no selling or licensing of your images, and you retain complete ownership of your content.