Three Simple Steps To Making Travel Blogging Your Full-Time Gig


For Travel And Lifestyle Bloggers, DimeFrame Is A Game Changer

Do you dream of traveling the globe, discovering new and exciting places, and sharing your discoveries with the world?

Do you want to be able to toss a camera and a laptop into your backpack and know that you have literally everything you need to finance your entire journey?

Do you already publish a vibrant travel blog with amazing content and enthusiastic followers, but still only manage to earn a fraction of what it costs to go on your adventures?

Well, things are about to get a whole lot better.

Add DimeFrame To Your Existing Social Media Presence And Turn Your Travels Into A Thriving Source Of Revenue is an easy-to-use, powerful online exhibit space where you can give your followers an easy way to support your work, while engaging their attention and involvement on a whole new level.

DimeFrame membership is always free, for both the viewer and the artist, and it’s always free for you to post content on your page.

There are no subscription fees, no advertising clutter, and no commitments.

DimeFrame creates a pure relationship between you and your viewers, and you the artist receive 60% of every transaction on your page, from the first view to the 100,000th, and beyond.

Here’s What You Do:

Step 1)

Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re already traveling to exotic places, taking incredible pictures, and sharing your stories with an interested and loyal following.  Keep it up!  Continue to build a satisfied and attentive audience by giving them your unique brand of amazing original content via your blog, Twitter feed, Instagram… anywhere you currently post.

Step 2)

Begin to “curate” a small percentage of your very best content and set it aside.  Don’t stop your other activities — in fact, keep posting 90% of your work for free — but keep about 10% back.  The material you set aside should be some of your most amazing work, your most beautiful pictures, your most personal experiences.  It can be photos, sound clips, or short videos.  This is your premium content, and you want it to be the best of the best.

Step 3)

Whenever you publish a blog post, simultaneously post related premium content exclusively on your DimeFrame page.  Tell your audience that you have set aside something extra special for them, and that by clicking through they can see some of your most amazing work for as little as ten cents.  Tell everyone!  Use your entire social media network — your Twitter, Instagram, main blog posts — to guide viewers to your DimeFrame gallery. Take your readers on a journey with you… take them up a mountain, to the edge of a cave, into the heart of a small village, and then say, “You won’t believe what we found behind that door!” Then link them directly to the related Hidden Content post on your DimeFrame page, and make sure it’s something amazing.  For only a dime, they will be able to see what is behind the door, experience an exclusive glimpse into your world, and achieve a real feeling of satisfaction knowing that they are helping to make your future journeys and blog posts possible.  And all this for as little as a dime.

It’s time to turn your lifestyle of travel and adventure into the thriving career you always dreamed it could be

You only live once.  Seize the day!